Ito Coated Glass Vs. Ito Coated Flexible Pet Sheet

Ito Coated Glass Vs. Ito Coated Flexible Pet Sheet

November 25, 2017 Off By Techinstro

ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) is one of the most versatile materials. It offers excellent conductivity through low resistance and high transmittance rate. It widely used in numerous technological applications in different methods.

The two most common type of ITO coated substrate with excellent conductivity, is ITO coated glass and ITO coated plastic PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) sheets.

Let us take a look at the properties of each:

ITO Coated GlassITO Coated Glass Properties

ITO coated glass comes with the TCO (Transparent Conductive Oxide) glass category. These are the main properties of ITO coated glass:

  • Excellent conductivity
  • High transmission power
  • Highly malleable (ultra-thin substrate design)
  • Highly transparent
  • Low surface resistance
  • Uses advanced Magnetron Sputtering Method coating
  • Ultra-fine single-sided coating
  • Insulating layer of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) provides longevity to glass
  • Thermally stable – With max operating temperature of 350˚ C (662˚ Fahrenheit)
  • Anti-Electromagnetic properties

ITO Coated Glass Dimensions

  • An ITO coated glass comes in various sizes and dimensions
  • Shapes – Can be ordered in square, rectangle or circular design
  • Sizes – Square-shaped (25, 50, 100 and 200 mm), Rectangular-shaped (50 mm X 25 mm and 75 mm X 25 mm to 305 mm X 405 mm max.)
  • Thickness – Standard float-glass substrate thickness is between 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm and 1.1 mm)
  • Specified Surface Resistivity – Ranges between 10 ohms/sq and 100 ohms/sq
  • Transmission power – It is higher than 85% at 550 Nm
  • ITO Coating thickness – Ranges between 20 Nm and 200 Nm (i.e., 500 A to 2000 A)
  • Haze – Less than 1% for optimum transparency

ITO Coated Glass applications

An ITO coated glass substrate or film used in numerous applications, including:

  • Solar cell design and development
  • Digital microfluidic devices
  • Flat antennas for mobile phone network
  • De-icing applications
  • ITO glass heater
  • OLED (Organic Light Transmitting Diode)
  • ITO defrosting coating in Aerospace engineering and applications
  • Switchable/Smart Windows
  • Display technologies, such as Plasma, Flat Panel and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
  • Display & Optoelectronic devices
  • Barium Vanadate Film Substrate
  • EMF/EMI/EMC/HF/RFI prevention/shielding use
  • Used in camera and spectro-electrochemistry
  • Anti-static windows
  • ELD (Electro Luminescent Display)
  • Photovoltaic cell fabrication
  • Cell culture substrate and other biological devices for R&D

Properties Of Ito Coated Flexible Pet Sheet

An ITO coated Pet sheet has high conductivity and optical transmission capabilities. These are efficient for aligning and realigning liquid crystals in numerous types of modern-day display technology.

These are the main properties of ITO coated flexible PET sheets:

  • Excellent uniform coating
  • High-quality optical grade polymer film
  • High transmittance power
  • Ideal resistivity characteristics
  • Connected with conductive paints, inks, copper tape with conductive adhesive, etc.
  • Efficient adhesion
  • Compatible with other substrates, such as heat-stabilized film, clear hard-coated polyester film or anti-glare film and other unique substrate materials
  • Ultra-thin ITO coating
  • High stability

ITO Coated Flexible PET Sheet dimensions

These are the variety of sizes that an ITO coated flexible PET sheet is available in:

  • Sheet thickness – 125 microns (or 0.125 mm) or 175 microns (or 0.175 mm)
  • ITO coating thickness – 1400 to 1500 A
  • ITO Coating Method – Magnetron sputtering at high temperature in vacuum.
  • Specified ITO sheet Resistivity – Greater than 15 ohms/sq
  • Typical ITO sheet Resistivity – Between 8 and 10 ohms/sq

ITO Coated Flexible PET Sheet applications

An ITO coated flexible sheet finds extensive applications in numerous industries and stages, such as:

  • Touch-screen components
  • Position sensors
  • Electroluminescent lamps
  • Electromagnetic shielding
  • Flexible displays

Although both, the ITO coated glass and the ITO coated flexible PET sheet, have ideal conductivity properties, they have differing applications. The ITO coated glass may find a wider variety of applications, but the ITO coated flexible PET sheet cannot replace flexible display applications. With Techinstro, you can order standard or customized ITO coated glasses/substrates/films as well as high-end ITO coated flexible PET sheets, according to your specifications for various types of uses.