Switchable Film – An Electro-optical Magical Innovation

Switchable Film – An Electro-optical Magical Innovation

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Introduction Switchable Film

Switchable (glass) film are favourite SMART Materials and have different names across different countries of the world.

Over the years, the switchable film has evolved and have become smart materials. When it comes to switchable glass and film technology, several product improvements in areas such as higher transparency, instant switching, improved consistency, higher reliability and better crystal diffusion have attained in recent years.

Moreover, Accomplishing stable formulations during the production process of the switchable film is more of an art than just being an innovative science.

Switchable Film used by hospitality industry Spas, Hospitals, vehicles, cars & mostly indoor areas which require privacy.

Manufacturing Process of Switchable Film

The Manufacturing process of Switchable Smart Film – Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) – involves some sophisticated methods, and so that makes it a bit demanding to gain expertise in the production technology involving switchable glass

The technique consists of spreading beautiful layers of mild liquid crystals among electrically prone polymer sheets.

By subjecting the glass or film to electrical current, it can transform from a transparent state to an opaque state which finds a variety of applications related to building management services and other utility areas of Electro-chromic display technologies.

In recent times it is used in HD rear projection display providing crystal clear images having fantastic video resolution.

Types of Switchable glass

Sound Insulating Acoustic Switchable Glass:

Glass with sound shielding properties. In environments which require audio seclusion.

Fire Resistant Switchable Glass fire rated glass:

An ideal alternative to steel or wooden fire doors & privacy windows. So the fireproof switchable glass is a safe but that gives greater protection from fire.

Switchable Film Projection Screen:

This type of film comes in the form of standard screen sizes, i.e., thirty inches to ninety-two inches and can be tailor-made to fit any glass size Several pieces of film can be aligned to create LFDs (large format displays)

Switchable smart glass – Self Adhesive Film:

An easy ON-OFF switch transforms the film from a transparent state to an opaque state. In its opaque state, the film functions like an “electronic blind”offering privacy and security.