How To Use Tedlar Bag or Sampling Bag?

How To Use Tedlar Bag or Sampling Bag?

May 12, 2017 Off By Techinstro

The Tedlar bag can be operated or used by several methods.

Here is a standard operating guide for the gas sampling bag.

  1. Select a Tedlar bag of required capacity.
  2. Make sure that, it should not contaminate by any means.
  3. Keep a gas collection pump or manual blower available with all the required accessories.
  4. Connect the rubber tube to the hose provided at PTFE duel functioning valve and then open the valve.
  5. Start filling the Tedlar bag up to 90% of total capacity to avoid the leakages and bag deformation.
  6. As soon as the sampling bag filled up to its limit, close the functioning valve and remove the tube from the hose.
  7. There is a detachable silicon septum supplied separately, which should be attached to threaded hose at the valve.
  8. Tighten the septum to make sure that, it should be completely leak-proof.
  9. The Tedlar bag can retain the gasses sample up to 3-4 days without any losses.
  10. Then take a gas syringe and load the sample for sampling in gas chromatography or other devices.
  11. The silicon septum should replace after 120 to 130 sampling to avoid leakages.
  12. For reuse, flush the Tedlar bag thoroughly with inert gas or purified air 2-3 times or researcher may vacuum the gas sampling bag with the help of a vacuum pump.
  13. Avoide the direct contact of the Tedlar bag with fire and allow sampling below 200-degree Celsius temperature.