How To Install Switchable Pdlc Film?

How To Install Switchable Pdlc Film?

April 5, 2018 Off By Techinstro

Conventionally, a commercial space, hospitals, bathrooms, office, home, and even vehicles require efficient light within. To let sunlight in, the transparent windows usually covered with Venetian blinds or some other form of a curtain. However, the incoming sunlight also brings with it the significant amount of heat which requires using more air conditioning.

However, when you choose to install switchable PDLC film, you can forego all the expense and complexity of installing and maintaining adequate indoor lighting and climate control system.

Installing Switchable PDLC film – Stepwise Guide for easy Installation

We at Techinstro design and develop the best switchable PDLC film, for numerous purposes. We use only the best quality material to manufacture our self-adhesive PDLC films or electro chromic privacy film which is easier to install.

Follow this easy step-by-step guide on installing switchable PDLC film.

Step 1 – Make Busbar connections to Switchable PDLC film

It is a two-layer film, which you half cut in the small strip from both the side. Then attached copper foil tape with the help of silver paste and solder wires on pasted copper tape.

Step 2 – Preparing the Switchable PDLC film

  • Clean the glass surface where you wish installing switchable PDLC film, using 99% Isopropyl Alcohol or Acetone solution. After cleaning, ensure there are no residual solution, dust, and impurities on the glass surface.
  • Place the film against the glass, to ensure the fit is right. Do not try to fit a larger-sized film on a smaller glass. Use a knife to cut the PDLC film to the correct size.
  • In case the film seems too small for the glass, you can cover the gap using molding, as this help to shield the wire as well.
  • Always determine the path of the wiring beforehand, as this can affect the installation significantly. It is advisable to run the wiring down the sides, efficiently hidden underneath the molding.

Step 3 – Installing Switchable PDLC Film

  • The sticky side of the self-adhesive switchable PDLC film is marked and has a peel-off label for efficient installation. There are two separate adhesive coatings on the PDLC film. The upper adhesive layer is thinner in comparison and can remove completely. The inner adhesive layer is thicker and can be peeled back to expose the actual adhesive material which helps installing switchable PDLC film on the glass.
  • It is advisable to begin installing switchable PDLC film, after removing both adhesive layers from the side being stuck to the glass, from top to bottom. This way, there is lesser chances of dirt and debris getting caught. Always let the adhesive layers on the non-glass side remain intact during the installation, for safer installation of PDLC films on glass.
  • Installing PDLC film is similar to installing wallpaper, the only difference being that the wallpaper is less significantly less rigid. Making sure of the alignment and ensuring that no air bubbles are trapped underneath should be the most significant concerns in this process.
  • Begin at the center top, by keeping hand press to apply pressure steadily and uniformly. Then slowly move your hand press tool from left to right, up till the borders. That help to keep the film uniform and flat, apart from removing any air bubbled from underneath.

It is important to note that installing switchable privacy film needs to be a patient process which should not be rushed. If the installer has a problem to do it by self, then he/she may always ask someone for help and ensure that the switchable PDLC film installed appropriately and works as per applications