Difference Between Lithium Ion Battery and Graphene Battery

Difference Between Lithium Ion Battery and Graphene Battery

January 30, 2018 Off By Techinstro

With increasing advancing penetration of consumer electronics batteries are becoming omnipotent. From your car to your TV remote and even your ever-present smartphones, you need an efficient and better source of the stored portable power source. From the last decade or so, Lithium Ion batteries have been considered to be adequately advanced and efficient. These provide a light, compact and powerful source of energy to many of today’s electronics.

However, with the discovery of graphene and its excellent conductive properties, it seems that Lithium Ion batteries are going to face fierce competition, and even be replaced by, graphene battery.

Graphene battery

This battery holds immense promise as the next frontier is stored portable energy and is likely to surpass the Li-Ion batteries which are widely in use today. Aforementioned holds distinct significance for the electric and hybrid car industry which is set to benefit significantly with these inventively efficient batteries.

Advantages of Graphene Battery over Lithium Ion Battery

These are the distinct advantages that graphene battery is set to have over the conventional Li-Ion battery of today:

  • Increased Power Storage – The graphene battery has five times more energy density than the best Li-Ion battery available today (1000 Wh/Kg vs. 2000 Wh/Kg on a Tesla S model).
  • Consistent Load Bearing Capacity – The battery made with graphene materials has been tested up to 400 charge/discharge cycles without any loss of capacity detected at the end of this exhaustive test.
  • Safer – The graphene battery is considered to be much more reliable than Li-Ion battery. There is no risk of explosion which results in lighter protective covers and eventually lighter weight for cars.
  • Inexpensive – As the technology gets refined the cost of making these batteries is set to become remarkably low. The other aspect of its relatively lower price is the better eco-friendliness which is displayed by the carbon in graphene and not seen in Lithium.

These aspects of graphene battery make them a better choice than the conventional Li-Ion batteries that are in frequent use today. With swifter switch and adaptation to graphene powered batteries, we can ensure longer mileage in significantly lightweight electric and hybrid cars.

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