Tedlar Bag Sampling Procedure

Tedlar Bag Sampling Procedure

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Tedlar Bag Sampling Procedure

Air sampling is one of the most fundamental requirements across numerous industrial sectors. From oil and chemical companies to even research and development, air sampling needs to be done as a necessity or mandatory according to government regulations.

Tedlar BagsWhy use Tedlar bags for gas sampling procedure?

Tedlar bags are made to ensure a timely assessment of air quality. These bags mostly used for a particular method of sampling VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), semi-VOC, sulfurs, and light hydrocarbons, such as C1-C6, in the ambient air.

Using the Tedlar bag for taking air samples is merely convenient and efficient. It is an accurate way to measure the concentration of particular compounds and gases which are significantly less in volume (less than 20 ppmv). These are hard to detect with conventional analytical instruments.

How to take air samples with Tedlar Bags?

Although taking air samples using Tedlar bags is quite efficient and straightforward procedure, some points need to be taken care of before starting the procedure.

  • Do not fill the Tedlar bag completely. Fill only about half of the bag’s total volume capacity. That helps to ensure that the containers maintain an ideal temperature even with a shift in ambient air pressure, such as while being transported in an airplane. Aforementioned prevents the bags from bursting and releasing the collected air samples.
  • Ensure that you take critical samples in two bags, instead of just one. Although the Tedlar bags are highly durable, unforeseen circumstances may result in leakage in a bag. With two bags you have an adequate back-up of the collected air samples in case you lose one.
  • Ensure prompt shipping arrangements as the Tedlar bags can hold air samples effectively for around 72 hours. Try to ship the bag the same day you collect the sample to ensure on-time and intact delivery of the sample.

Taking air sample

Using a Tedlar bag to take an air sample is an efficient procedure. Simply:

  • Attach Tedlar bag to the sampling port with the pressure ON. The tube connector is flexible and has an efficient locking system to secure the connection and prevent leakage of any kind while filling the bag with the air sample.
  • Alternatively, a personal sampling pump can also be used to collect and store the air samples. However, there is a certain amount of air loss while using the pump to fill the Tedlar bag. Using a bladder sampler helps to make the air sample collection easier.
  • Open the PTFE valve on the Tedlar bag gently and fill the bag till it is half full.
  • Close the valve before disconnecting the bag.
  • Label the bag clearly with the sample identification number and other essential information.
  • Store the bag out of direct sunlight at all times, before shipping it. That prevents the sample from reacting and getting degraded in quality.
  • Although the bags do not need to be cooled, it is advisable to put the sample bag in refrigerated/ice chests to prevent damage.

Use these simple and efficient steps to perform an ideal Tedlar bag air sampling process.