Switchable Film A Cost Effective Option for Privacy

Switchable Film A Cost Effective Option for Privacy

October 26, 2018 Off By Techinstro

Say goodbye to your pane-glass windows and enjoy the smart switchable film in windows for best privacy. One of the most prominent developments in optical technology is the PDLC film. It is an innovative and simplistic technique which allows you to effectively control the limit of privacy in windows and doors, at work and at home too.

The PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) technique allows you to switch your windows opacity between completely transparent to entirely opaque. This is what gives it the name ‘Switchable Film’ as its opacity can turn with a simple press of a button.

Essential Information about Switchable Film

Switchable film technology has been developed by dispersing liquid crystals in a unique polymer solution, which is then solidified quickly with a curing process. As the polymer hardens, the liquid crystal begins to form isolated droplets within it. These droplets are seen forming all over the polymer uniformly.

The size of the individual crystal droplets may control during the curing process, which gives the individual PDLC film its unique properties, making it ideal for use in ‘smart windows.’

How Switchable Film works?

With the polymer-liquid crystal mix sandwiched between two PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) sheets the Switchable Film functions as a perfect capacitor. Once the structure is ready according to the required dimensions, the sheet connected with electrodes from an efficient power source.

The switchable sheet can change its degree of opacity, so widely thanks to the unique properties of the liquid crystal dispersed in the polymer solution. Usually, when there is electric current passes through the PDLC smart film the liquid crystal get arranged in one direction uniformly. It allows light to pass easily and make it transparent.

However, when there are no electric current passes through it, the liquid crystal particles remain in a random direction. It blocks almost all the light coming through the PET sheet, making the windows opaque and dark.

Application of Switchable Films – Optimal Privacy for Home, Office, Bathroom and more

Doors / Windows

Using PDLC film on doors and windows instead of conventional glass (transparent/opaque) is not only expensive, but the glass is fragile and likely to need replacement faster. However, with a switchable film covering the door or windows at work or home, you can now easily switch between a clear and transparent window pane or door and an opaque and private environment within the room in a cost-effective manner.

The switchable sheet is easy to install over a glass and more comfortable to use. It comes in two types mainly – self-adhesive and non-adhesive. The non-adhesive kind of film comes with clear, optical glue which is used to stick the sheet layer on to your existing window or door panel.

Not only the switchable smart glass is a better option for your home/office windows and doors, but also use it effectively to ensure selective privacy in your car as well. Apart from this, the property of the PDLC film to switch between transparent and opaque easily also makes it an excellent alternative for replacing conventional curtains, skylights, and conservatory roofs.

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